I didn't receive my Responsive web designed certificate

I have completed all the course under responsive web designed and build all my project but I didn’t get certificated

You need to claim the certificate in the settings.

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how to claim it in the setting


Go to Account Settings in FFC (not on the Forum site), on the top right and scroll down to the Academic Honesty Policy and accept it.

  1. Go to the freeCodeCamp settings of your freeCodeCamp curriculum account (which is different from the freeCodeCamp Forum account)
  2. Scroll down to the Certification Settings section
  3. Find the Responsive Web Design Projects section
  4. Be sure to provide the URLs to all of your projects and hit the Save Progress button
  5. Once all of the project URLs are saved the button underneath should read Claim Certification, click that to claim your certificate.

And as @Monesz mentioned, be sure that you have read and accepted the Academic Honesty Policy which you can find as a separate section within the same Settings page linked above.


I claimed my certificate of responsive web design but didn’t get certificate it shows some random pictures of peoples. What i did wrong?

go to the settings, scoll down and find the “Show certiricate” button, dp you see yor certificate there?

i finished my responsive web design challenges and submit all my projects and I update my my settings and scroll down to responsive web design section and claim my certificate it shows an alert that i claimed certificate successfully but when i click on show certification button no certificate appears. I send a screenshot of it.

that is the freecodecamp homepage, can you show a gif or a couple of screenshots with the steps you take?

after i click on show certificate button freecodecamp home page show up

it’s scroll down of home page

do you have the certificates set to public?