I don’t know why my JavaScript code is not responding when I click on the button

Please am new to programming and currently learning it on my own.
I wrote this JavaScript code but is not responding when I click the button.I don’t know why and the google chrome console is not showing any error. Please help me this is really frustrating me.

//UI variables 
    const WhatYouTyped = document.querySelector('#WhatYouTyped');
    const btn = document.querySelector('.btn');
    const ul = document.querySelector('.collection');

// Function

function loadEventFunction(){

  btn.addEventListener('submit', btnFunction);

function btnFunction(e){

  // If statement to check if the input is empty when the button is clicked

 if(WhatYouTyped.value === '') {
    alert('The input can\'t be empty');

// I created an li element and a text node to receive what ever that is put into the input.

  const li = document.createElement(li);
  li.className = 'collection-item';

  // I appended the list item to the ul


  WhatYouTyped.value === '';

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@Sylvaline Welcome to the forum!

It would help if you provided the html along with the full JavaScript code. What you pasted appears to be missing some closing bracket. Even better would be to put your code up on Codepen and provide a link to the code, so we can test it ourselves.

Lastly, can you be more detailed in what you are trying to achieve vs. what is happening. You said the code is “not responding” when you click the button. What are you expecting to happen when the button is clicked?

  1. Use click instead of submit as the event for the button.

  2. createElement takes a string.

  3. Not sure if it was just missing when you posted the code but you have a missing closing bracket } for the btnFunction


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Also, if you will want to adjust your logic to prevent creating a new list item if the input is blank. Currently, you just alert the user and continue ahead creating the list item.

Thanks for your reply, i don’t know how the codepen works but i have created a login and wrote my code there https://codepen.io/sylva-line/pen/MWwOXJV.

I wanted to create a code that accepts an input as a text node and display it as a child of the UL.

Thanks! I have changed the event to click but the order codes is still not working.

The Codepen you linked to is still using the submit event and not click. See my second point about createElement, you are not using it correctly.

Code changes needed:

// click event
btn.addEventListener('click', btnFunction);
// pass the string 'li'
const li = document.createElement('li');
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