I don't get my certification

*I just finished the Responsive Web Certification (300h) but I can’t see where to get the certification. *
I didn’t miss any lesson, so… I am trying to look for help on the net but I don’t find it.

Updating: NOW I SEE IT!
from the /learn/ page >> click on “Update my account settings” >> Roll down the page passing by all the settings … (…) after the " Academic Honesty Policy" is the " Certifications" and there you click to “Claim the certification”. It will show you a message if everything is OK and then, you refresh the page. The same “Claim certification” will turn now to “Show Certification” :sweat_smile: UFA!

Welcome, GePajarinen.

You need to go to your account settings to claim your certificate. Before you can do so, you also need to agree to the Academy Honesty Pledge.

To make your certificate appear in your profile, you need to have your profile set to public.

Also, you do not need to complete the lessons to claim the certificates; just the associated projects.

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Thank you!!
Your answer came so quick.
The thing is that… while you were sending me the help I managed to find by myself how to get the certification . :sweat_smile: I even Updated my complaint with the ‘solution’.

Anyway. Thank you, Sky020.
Have a nice day.