I don't understand the + sign when it comes to RegulairExpressions

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I’m getting confused about, what i am excatlly suppose to do here.
I tried looking at the hint but, it basicly told the same as the lesson.
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let difficultSpelling = "Mississippi";
let myRegex = /Mis+is+ppi/gi; // Change this line
let result = difficultSpelling.match(myRegex);

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Challenge: Match Characters that Occur One or More Times

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You are not supposed to make a regular expression to match the word “Misssissippi” (which this doesn’t do anyway, because you’re missing an “i”). That would make result be an array of one item containing the word “Mississippi”. You are only supposed to write a regular expression that matches one or more "s"s. Read the instructions and examples again carefully.

Thank you that did sollute it for me :cat: