I got a gig ... kinda

I got a gig, kinda.

It’s a small React Native project over Upwork. It’s not much but it appears like it will be a string of small projects, updating the same app.

I’m probably undercharging, but part of that is also that it takes me twice as long as it should. But it’s good because it’s really kicking my ass and making me get my React Native chops in order. And a nice portfolio piece and a good reference.

It was tough going at first but now it’s coming together nicely. There’s nothing like a deadline to focus the attention. And he seems to like my code (he is React but not React Native.)

Oh well, it’s not a “real” job yet where I can quite my annoying “real” job, but it’s a start.


Congrats! Now you can say that you did freelance React job. Certainly sounds better than “yeah…I went through some courses online”.

Keep going!

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Nice! Good work, Kevin :slight_smile: