I have a challenge thats broken

Hi guys, I started learning how to code a few weeks ago, and it has been fun!
So in my HTML stage, precisely challenge 15, it won’t show what to do to check the challenge. attached are screenshots for clarity.

Clear your browser cache, refresh and then check again

although i was able to pass the challenge unto the next, it still wont check as completed.

Same thing happening with me

Clear your cache, restart the browser, and log back in

hello, thanks for the reply. I already tried this, but it still didn’t work. It doesn’t really bother me, but I hope it won’t affect my progress by the time I’m done with the course?

oh wow. Please let me know if the cache clearing works for you or if you find another fix.

Did you have to log back in after clearing your cache? If not, then your browser cache did not fully clear.

When i tried it at first, i didn’t have to log in. So on a second try, I logged out before clearing the cache…I don’t know if that counts, but it still won’t check. How do I clear the cache so it logs me out too?

It sounds like your cache isn’t fully clearing. Clear absolutely everything out of the cache.

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do I have to check all? :cry:

Its that ‘other site data’ that you aren’t clearing. That’s where the cached issue is.

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ohh okay, I will do that now and let you know …i hope it works.

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THANK YOU!!! It worked. I’m so happy

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