I have a problem with "Justify-items "

Hi everyboy. I have a problem with my css (I’m practicing with GRIDS) so I want to align the content-box in center but the “justify-items” doesn’t work . There is the code: https://codepen.io/leandroygz/pen/BazBXxL . I think this page also don’t have the align-items:; but is ok.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @yniguezleandro!

I ran your html and css code through the analyzer and a few errors popped up. So I think that is part of the problem as to why your grid is not working.

Also, when you are using codepen you do not need to include the html head meta tags. That is already built into the codepen editor. You can just start with the content inside the body.

FCC has a great article on working with CSS Grids

I would practice with the examples from there first.

Hope that helps!

Happy coding!

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I found the tutorial below really helpful. After following along and completing the tasks I was easily able to implement but more importantly, understand the grid layout.

GLHF my dude

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Thank you all! I would practice more :slight_smile:

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