I have a probleme on deploying a django app on heroku #python#django

i have seen many tutorials about how to deploying a django app because i’m not familiar with django so i’ve seen this tutorial but it gives me a code error different then the one on the video it gives me an app crashed H10 code
please help ??
it’s an ecommerce website

Hey Achraf,

nice to meet you! :wave:

It would be awesome to see the code of your project and some more precise error messages.

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i will give it to you because i’m rebuilding it
it gives me an app crashded
but what you want to see is it settings .py or the full app

Hey there,

what do you think will help us to help you?

Currently I know, that:

  • your app crashes
  • it is an ecommerce site
  • it is a django app
  • it is on heroku
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