I have no clue how this does not work im trying to remove letters from strings entered into a function

Screenshot 2021-07-29 185532

I’m not sure there is a remove method, have you tried googling on how to remove a character from a string?

hi, yh I’m doing that now and apparently list.remove(value) removes elements from a list by value however I’ve just read it removes the fiirst instance of that element so if an element value was to repeat itself it would leave it in.


I have developed a function that removes a specific character from a given string and returns a new string that does not have that character. I hope it might help you. Please let me know whether it’s worked or not.

def removevowels(string, charVal):
    new_str = ""
    for i in range(0, len(string)):
        if string[i] != charVal:
            new_str += string[i]

    return new_str

updatedStr = removevowels("ademola", "a")

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