I have no idea, how to solve this challenge as I don't have idea about boolean primitive. I did google search, read hints but no avail? Would you mind, anybody?

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function booWho(bool) {
return typeof bool = "boolean";

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Challenge: Boo who

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It tells you in the second line of the instructions what a Boolean primitive is:

Boolean primitives are true and false .

There isn’t anything more to it than that, no further explanation is really necessary. Either the value true or the value false.

= in JavaScript means “assign the value on the right hand side to the variable name on the left hand side”.

It doesn’t mean “left hand side equals right hand side”.

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Sometimes the simple ones can be puzzling.
The problem here is that you haven’t broken your work into two steps:

  1. Check if a value is classified as a boolean primitive.
  2. Return true or false .

try using an if else statement and return based on that.

Alternatively you can do it in one line but it requires the use of a trinary:
return typeof bool == ‘boolean’ ? true : false;

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Hey Man! Update here, I did more of a google search & came back to your solution & got it. Basically we have to check whether the arg passed is boolean or not. Thanks for your time [your real name :sweat_smile:]

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