I have problem in the python code

print("kaivan shah")

print ("HI!")

age = "12"

if age is (">12"):
    print("you cannot drink beer")

    if age is ("=12"):
        print("you cann drink beer")

        if age is ("<=20"):
            print("extra beer!")

            print("happy journey!")

it is not printing the values

In your code there might be type error
and there is no proper if condition have checked i guess

Are you sure if age is (">12"): is a valid comparison?

Should it not be if int(age) > 12: ?

And why is the variable “age” a string in the first place?


Hi @shah-kaivan the solution is below:

# Make sure that you use an integer for the number 12 instead of a string
age = 12
# Your "if" expressions aren't written correctly
if age > 12:
  print("you can't drink beer")
if age == 12:
  print("You can drink beer!")
if age <= 20:
  print("You get an extra beer!")
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print ("HI!")

age = "12"

if age <  "12":
    print("you cannot drink beer")

if age == "12":
    print("you cann drink beer")

if age >= "20":
        print("extra beer!")

print("happy journey!")```

use “;”
at the end of every phrase or statement

I am an old man 68 trying to venture in to the youth domain by trying to learn Python. Can anyone guide me on coding the following:

#computer asks user to select a number between 1 and 10.
#user selects a random number.

computer guesses a lower than selected number.

user asks him to guess higher.

computer guesses a higher than selected number.

user asks him to guess lower.

computer guesses a correct number.

user congratulates him.

Hello Karim,
This task should be placed outside this curriculum topic i believe.
I might advice to look into python range() method and random() method.
Range can be used to pick a number from a range of numbers, random can be used to generate random number (also between a certain range).
Both seem to me to be useful in this assignment.
Also classic If…else conditional statements.

import random

class GuessMyNumber:

    def __init__(self):
        self.cpu_number = random.randint(1,11)

    def start(self):
        ready = str.lower(input('Guess a number in your head between 1 and 10. Ready? [y, n]: '))
        while ready in ['y', 'yes', 'ya', 'yup']:
            reply = input('Is your number {}? [y, n]: '.format(self.cpu_number))
            if reply == 'y':
                print('Congrats! The computer figured out my number!')
                direction = str.lower(input('Is it higher or lower: '))
                if direction == 'higher':
                    self.cpu_number += 1
                    self.cpu_number -= 1

guess_my_number = GuessMyNumber()