I just earned my first certificate!

As the title says, I just finished the JS and data structures course+projects. So all I want to say is to anyone reading this who has doubts about their abilities or is thinking about giving up, you can do this and keep trying.

I personally have struggled with before with basic algorithms/ code problems because of the way I learned to code at university (currently studying a cs related major). Classes were fast based, so I didn’t have the time to completely analyze and break down the problems I was given on my own pace. I couldn’t help but feel behind the others and that maybe coding wasn’t my thing. It became a chore to me and I started hating to do it.

Doing the challenges here made me like coding again. I now feel confident enough with looking into things I found really hard before, and it definitely had an impact on my logic and analytic skills. I really appreciate this website being available for free being a college student low on cash.

Last thing is I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the courses/worked on making this possible, plus other members who post clarifications/more answers in the guides page.

My tips for this course:
-Break the problem into parts
-Start by doing parts that require less effort in finishing
-Look for already built-in methods that do some of the work for you, as it makes your code shorter and lessens the time you spend on each problem. I use MDN for looking up.
-If you get stuck with a problem and have already tried repeatedly, take a break and come back. Frustration might make you overlook problems in your code.
-If the solution requires some math, understand the calculations and verify that before attempting to work it into code


Awesome Work @Hyrrokkin.

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Good job man! Your programming path is just like mine, me too have hated programming in university, and now after 1.5 years of graduation , i came back to understand the things i hated.since this summer coding is my passsion. I’m now on pig str challenge , hope i will get the intermediate section and finish final projects.
Wish you all the best in learning frameworks and building your portfolio now!

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Thank you! And best of luck with the course and the intermediate algorithms section, it can be get tough.

keep it up!