I just made my portfolio, would love to have some feedback!

Hey !

I just finished my portfolio for the “Build a Personal Portfolio” challenge !
Here it is : codepen.io/Crysicia/full/XgZOZW
I would really appreciate any honest feedback :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello, @Crysicia! Not a bad first effort! As you stated in the title, it is very minimalist and there is nothing wrong with that. Maybe add additional down arrows for the other sections and perhaps a link to take someone back to the top of the page in the last section? I need to work on my portfolio also. I would love to share with you and get some feedback as well!


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Hi !
Thanks a lot for the constructive feedback !
I’ve already tried to implement more down arrows but it doesn’t look great and seems a bit out of context.
As for the “Back to the top” button, it’s a great idea ! I’ll work on it right away !

I’d be more than happy to look at your portfolio once you’re done with it :slight_smile:

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