I need help on step 35 building a registration form

Please I need help on step 35 building a registration form, I was asked to place “(select one)” as the text for my first , which I did but I still can’t get pass that stage. I need help please

You need to post the link to the challenge along with all your code. If we cant see anything then we are not able to tell you where you might be going wrong. To post your code select the formatting button in the reply which looks like


Then paste your code between the lines it gives you.

@manaebigi22 I am not sure what you did. It looks like you just quoted me in your reply. I still do not see a link to the challenge or any of your code for the challenge. You can go to the challenge and the copy the address in the search bar and paste it here to give us the link to the challenge.

To add your code from the challenge, you need to copy all the code and then follow the steps I previously mentioned. When you reply you need to click the button </> This will give you two lines that look like this

You need to paste your code between the lines

        <label>Upload a profile picture: <input type="file" /></label>
        <label>Input your age (years): <input type="number" min="13" max="120" /></label>
        <label>How did you hear about us?
            <option> (select one) </option>
            <option> freeCodeCamp News  </option>
            <option> freeCodeCamp YouTube Channel  </option>
            <option> freeCodeCamp Forum  </option>
            <option> Other </option>
type or paste code here

I responded to your other post with the link and code. If you have any other questions on this problem just use that post instead of this one

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