I need help please was asked that my new p element should have the provided text and i applied the text and still shows error

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Hi! please post your code, it is hard to know what is not working without seeing it.

When you paste it, highlight the code and click on the button that looks like this </> it will format your code to make it more readable.

* The % Daily Value (Dv) tells you how a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition a dvice.

That's my code and its showing erorr

Hi, have you included the <p> tags and <div> class in your code? I can’t tell if you have because what you’ve pasted here doesn’t include them.

As I said previously, highlight the code you’ve pasted and press the button that looks like this </> or use backticks around your code.

<p>This formats your code to make it easy to read.</p>
<p>Otherwise html formatting tags will not appear on your forum post. Which makes it hard to check your code.</p>

However I’m noticing some mistakes in the text you’ve written compared to the text the lesson asks you to input. For it to pass it must match exactly.

  1. Make sure you match the capitalisation of the text you need to input.

  2. Check you aren’t missing any words out or haven’t added any.

  3. Check you haven’t added any spaces breaking up words.

Thank you very much was able to get through.

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No problem and well done! :smiley:

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