I need help with an HTML problem

can you help me with the following

The label only goes around the text Loving. You have put it around the input and the text Loving.

Can you give me the corrected example?

Can you explain what you don’t understand about the instructions or what I said above?

You want to associate your checkbox element with the text-word Loving . To do this surround the word ‘loving’ with label tags and give it a for attribute with a matching value as your checkbox id in order to associate the text with the checkbox.

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Thank you very much I found the solution it helped me a lot

Can u write code and post it

We don’t offer solutions directly on the forum.
If you have a question about a particular challenge, please click the Help icon which appears after you have submitted incorrect three times.
This will create a forum post which automatically includes your full code, a direct link to the challenge and an opportunity for you to describe your issue in detail.
Other Campers will then be able to offer you guidance and hints to enable you to discover the solution for yourself.

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