I need help with my Tribute Page :)

Hi guys :smiley: ,

I just finished my Tribute page and unfortunately, there is a problem for what I`m trying to find a solution.
How can I edit in the HTML code field the img element to be centered within its parent element?

[Tribute Page] https://codepen.io/atimiller/pen/JqwQxP?editors=1100

Thank you!

Uhm., you only have one image and it looks centered inside its parent.

Hello man!
The image has to be centered within its parent element
Unfortunately that conflict with your design choice to put the image side by side with the title ^^
You can wrap your image in another tag and use it as center reference; however, only for testing purpose, you can add a style left to have the test passing ^^
Something like this:
<img id="image" src="https://d2kdkfqxnvpuu9.cloudfront.net/images/big/69721.jpg?1391085500" class="col-md-6 img-responsive center img-circle" style="left: 250px;">

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Thank you so much man :smiley:
I`ll try.

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