I need help with passing the test of the meet the node console

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I just started learning backend development with node.
I have no experience in hosting a website online with a public domain but during the first section, a solution was posted on doing so by using glitch. I did that and it worked for me during that section. However, in this section, I am having difficulty with the tests although I still follow what I used for the first section. I help with how to pass the test. I have already modified myApp.js file on glitch and copied the live session link and provided it as my solution link but still, the test keeps failing. Please help me.

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Challenge: Meet the Node console

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I dont know about glitch, instructions dont mention it, just click on the repl link and sign up w/ social login. I had to publish the app then it works

in myApp.js you will
console.log(“Hello World”)

Thanks, boss. I am truly grateful for the help.

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