I need help with this code please help

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i just started yesterday and i am only 14 i don’t understand the 4 th challenge :innocent: :innocent: please

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<h1>Hello World</h1>


<p>Hello paragraph</p>           <p>Kittyeverywhere chase and sniff the grass and run and sit <\p>  <p> chase the hairball and attack your ankles then eat the grass and Strech</p>

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Challenge: Fill in the Blank with Placeholder Text

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Hi, @A6B ! This HTML code has three elements: h1, h2 and p. Each one is marked whit an inicial tag ("<h1>", for example) and a close tag ("</h1>"). Every tag has, more or less, the same function: to tell the browser how to separate elements (among other things).
The “h1” and “h2” are for titles. The “p” is for paragraphs.
This exercise ask you to change the content in the paragraph. To do that, you only need to replace that text (“Hello paragraph”) whit the Lorep ipsum text (by selectin some few words from the Lorem Ipsum text).
I hope this help you.

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Hello! you can copy and past that “lorum ipsum text” that is given in example. And write in your code first few words Ex :
<р>"Kitty ipsum dolor sit amet</р>

thank you both even though i’m only 14 so many dreams and again thanks a bunch for the help

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