I need some advice/Preciso de conselhos!

Currently I’m doing the JavaScript algorithms and Data Structure course which I completely adore, but I miss practising my skills when it comes to CSS and I’m looking forward to amplying my horizons and make something a bit more challenging. I plan to build up logos, such as the Python logo and the Microsoft logo. I did some researches on the matter, however I still feel that I’m lost. Can I use only HTML and CSS to make an animated Python logo? Can you give some tips on utilising border radius to do it?

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Yes, you can use only HTML and CSS to create that logo. Explore codepen.io or search online for amazing CSS. You could even search for python logo css.


Hi @rafaelleduarte1993

Absolutely, you can create animation with only HTML and CSS. With HTML5, it is even easier to create animation for images.

Below is a codepen link for the python logo, which will be of any help.


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