I need some clarification with some ReactJS code

I have this React code:

import React, { useState, useEffect, useRef } from 'react';

import Card from '../UI/Card';
import './Search.css';

const Search = React.memo(props => {
  const { onLoadIngredients } = props;
  const [enteredFilter, setEnteredFilter] = useState('');
  const inputRef = useRef();

  useEffect(() => {
    const timer = setTimeout(() => {
      if (enteredFilter === inputRef.current.value) {
        const query =
          enteredFilter.length === 0
            ? ''
            : `?orderBy="title"&equalTo="${enteredFilter}"`;
          'example-firebase-url.json' + query
          .then(response => response.json())
          .then(responseData => {
            const loadedIngredients = [];
            for (const key in responseData) {
                id: key,
                title: responseData[key].title,
                amount: responseData[key].amount
    }, 500);
    return () => {
  }, [enteredFilter, onLoadIngredients, inputRef]);

  return (
    <section className="search">
        <div className="search-input">
          <label>Filter by Title</label>
            onChange={event => setEnteredFilter(event.target.value)}

export default Search;

It uses a search bar so that when user is typing something his results gets filtered by making requests to a firebase server after that user stopped typing for 500 milliseconds.

The thing I don’t understand is instructor says that enteredFilter in useEffect is a closure so it s the value setTimeout locks, so it’s the old value and inputRef is the current value so he compares the old value with the new one to see if the user stopped typing so the request can be made.
What I don’t understand is why inputRef is not a closure as well? Clearly it is used in the check statement inside the setTimeout function just like enteredFilter so shouldn t this value also be enclosed just like enteredFilter? That instructor says that inputRef is not a closure because it’s defined outside of the closure, but as I see enteredFilter is also defined outside the closure and used inside.
Can someone help me understand why this code works like this?

How is that so? inputRef and the useEffect callback are both inside the same scope, so inputRef should be part of the callback’s closure.

Ye, that’s why I m wondering. Nonetheless it works as intended. As long as you type in the search bar no request is sent, once you stop for 500 milliseconds it makes a request, so that check actually works. Maybe I should post it on Stackoverflow maybe someone in there knows cause I can’t wrap my head around it how one value is closure and the other is not since they are both declared outside and also both used inside the function.