I need some help for basic jarvs script

randel i know you are good at this please Decrement a Number with JavaScript

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you will need to provide also your code and the challenge link

even Randell is not clairvoyant and is not able to help you if you don’t show your code

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okay dokey lemon mokey

We can store decimal numbers in variables too. Decimal numbers are sometimes referred to as floating point numbers or floats.

Not all real numbers can accurately be represented in floating point. This can lead to rounding errors. Details Here.

Create a variable myDecimal and give it a decimal value with a fractional part (e.g. 5.7 ).

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myDecimal should be a number.

myDecimal should have a decimal point





var ourDecimal = 5.7;

// Only change code below this line

/** * Your test output will go here. */

what’s your code? what’s the challenge link? it’s not really clear what’s what

what I see is a // Only change code below this line but no code below that

theres the link :grinning:

You might want to learn what a decimal number is first, before you start to learn coding, otherwise you could run into trouble…

Have you heard of decimal numbers?

i definatly have yes sir

Awesome :love_you_gesture:

Then what’s holding you back from completing the challenge?

i am stuck on the coding

Where exactly are you stuck?