I need some help to move forward in "Build a Technical Documentation Page" challenge

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I started with the challenge but I’ve made the navbar as proposed but when i am writing the main code to the right it is getting hidden behind the navbar but i couldn’t get what i am doing wrong . Any help/suggestion would be appreciated :slight_smile:

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You ccan check out my code at -

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Challenge: Build a Technical Documentation Page

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Since the navbar is ‘fixed’ it’s pulled out of the normal flow of the document. So the main-doc ignores it completely. This project was probably the first one i used padding; just make sure to prevent the side scroll on mobile devices

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Thanks, yeah i’m pretty new too and this is almost one of my first projects .So i’ve understood now from the FCC site as an example that they’ve used “margin-left” of whatever the width used on the navbar as its value so that they don’t overlap which i sick. I’ll do better! :slight_smile:

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