I need your feedback on our JavaScript project guidelines

We work with many freelancers with different tastes and we try to stick to certain set of rules when creating new projects in our organization to make maintenance much easier. I initially created this list but I need it to be criticised and improved. I’d really appreciate it if you comment, open an issue in the repo or contribute if you have time.


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I think it’s a good set of general guidelines - the important thing though is that it works for your projects. I like how you took the time to organize it. Who designed all the icons, they look nice :slight_smile:

@anon52159105 Ah thanks. . It’s not perfect, if there are parts that you think you or your company do better, please open an issue on github. Icons are from https://icons8.com.

I don’t work for a company at the moment, just individual coding, but if I think of something I’ll open an issue :slight_smile: