I published my portfolio on Github Pages

I would love to hear what you think about it, and how I could improve! https://cam-barts.github.io

Looks pretty good. I would:

  1. Add a footer.
  2. Use, say, font awesome icons for your social media link images in the contact section.
  3. Put an arrow or something in the welcome section to indicate more content below.
  4. Put the “check it out” buttons at the bottoms of their respective thumbnails.

Thanks for the feedback! I agree a footer would look good. and I can definitely make an arrow at the top of the welcome section. I am not sure what you mean about the font awesome icons, as they are already icons from font-awesome, so do you think different ones would looks good?

Ah, I see. I just checked the page source and saw that they are, indeed, fa icons. My bad.
I suppose I wouldn’t make them so big, and I would put a little space between the icon and the text. The size thing is a personal preference; if you like them that big, feel free to ignore me on that front. The space between the text and the icons, however, I would say is a bit more of a must, IMHO.