I s JQuery Still relevant?

Im newbie in JavaScript currently learning the language and also checking which JS libraries and frame work i can start to learn … i been told that JQuery is outdated and its better for me to do something else … whats your take and advice…
Note : Im looking to become a front end web developer

It works fine, but it’s not really relevant. The major reason it existed (to smooth over browser inconsistencies) is not really a problem any more. And the two primary reasons it was used (easily selecting elements to apply functionality and providing a very nice AJAX API) have been absorbed into the browser (document.querySelector() and document.querySelectorAll() for $(), and fetch() for $.ajax(). And the way the library is built isn’t in line with how JS libraries are normally built nowadays

so what you advice me to go with hen it comes JS libraries .

learn those that you need for your projects

I have some experience with d3 (teached in the fcc curriculum), jQuery, and ProcessingJS (Khan Academy uses this in teaching JavaScript) - they are tools, if you don’t need to use them, it’s not worth it to learn them.

if you are confortable in doing stuff with vanilla JS, maybe a framework, they are what’s used most nowadays to do single page apps - freeCodeCamp teaches React, but there also Vue and Angular, that makes the most used frameworks at this time.

I haven’t started doing projects yet coz im still learning but i like to hit the ground running when i start applying for a job or looking to be come a freelancer…so out what you mentioned which ones are the most common…or if you were in my place what you do next?

frameworks - you will notice that in a most of the job postings for front-end web developer there will be one of the framework mentioned. You could follow the fcc curriculum and learn React, or you could look at job postings you are interested in and see which is the one mentioned most often

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Learn JS and the browser JS APIs well. Libraries come and go; they can be learned fairly quickly and easily once you know the basics. Generally there are a few libraries/frameworks in common use as @ilenia says, so it is worth being familiar with those ones, but they’re always specific tools for specific scenarios, you need them when you need them


For me JQuery is one of thoses things you learn if you work somewhere that already uses it (so you have to learn it). Browser apis like fetch and querySelector replace most of the the need to use JQuery, so I personally prefer vanilla JS for something super-simple. Or drop in React etc. for a more complicated app for the UI work.

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Don’t waste your time on jQuery. Learn either React or Vue but first as Dan quoted

this is very important as I personally went on to learn React first and along the journey learnt JS and its API’s. Clearly, that’s not the right path. Also, i must recommend you this. Brilliant but Paid Resource

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