I think maybe I need some help

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I don’t know how to do myStr should contain a tab character \t which follows a newline character. I think maybe I need some help.

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var myStr// Change this line


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right now your myStr has this value:


Remember that it should be like this:


right now you have \t at the beginning, which is causing the first line being a bit to the right, instead you need the \t in an other place, and it needs to follow a new line character, which is \n

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Now it looks like * I have a little depressed, do not know how to do this.image

You have to put escape characters after whatever other character you want or need. So if you want a word to begin on a new line (after whatever character) and after a tab, you put a new line character and a tab character and escape all those formatting characters one by one and only then place your text you want to begin on a new line or whatever.

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Maybe this can help you:

Here is the text with the escape sequences written out.
“FirstLine newline tab backslash SecondLine newline ThirdLine”

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I’ve been through with your advice. Thank you!

I’ve passed, thank you.