I want to make my search bar working

Hello everybody

I don’t have any knowledge at all about back end development in general.
I don’t know anything about PHP,DB,MySql and stuffs like that because I’ve put all my skills and efforts in learning about front end developing only,because I love it.
I would like to make my search bar actually working and able to fetch data from my website.

Is there anyone here that would be so kind to link me a quick simple guide to help a newbie like me?

my site :


Thank you

Hello man^^
If you are only into front-end stuff, probably you’d rather use something like firebase^^
Here’s a couple of link:

Hey Layer

Thanks for the links but actually (as you can see below) I can have access to some web tools that are included in my hosting service already and among them I have phpMyAdmin and MySQL Databases.
I am looking for the fastest easiest solution in order to make my search bar working,that’s it.

Oh, i see^^
Well, if that’s the case:

Thank you for the links but unfortunately those doesn’t help me to make my search bar working.
Is there anyone here that can link me a guide (if there is one) that show me how to make a search bar working step by step

Thank you

What are you expecting the search bar to do when a user searches for something entered into it? What kind of information is supposed to be returned when searched?

Hello Randell

Actually I’m reconsidering the option to not include a search bar in my portfolio because I think it wouldn’t be so useful after all.
But just for the record how could I make one just for fetching the usual website contents like for example this site bar.
There is a search bar here right?
I would like to make a search bar working exactly in the same way.

Thank you

This search bar for this forum searches against the forum topics/posts which are stored in a database.

Since your portfolio is a very small SPA, it really does not make much sense since everything is already on the page. That being said, you could take a look at how someone includes a search on a site. It is really going to depend on how you want the results to show and the logic of how the search should create the searchable results.

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Yes I totally agree with you that’s why I decided to not include a search bar in my portfolio.
I will take take a look to the guide that you have linked to me it looks interesting and the most important it’s all in JS!!!
Very spot on!!
So I don’t need to learn about PHP…maybe someday

Thank you very much for your help.