I want to start npm in commandline

i try to start npm with this code below:
C:\Users\hp\philosis>npm start
but keep getting this error message:
npm ERR missing Script: start
please how do i go about it? thanks

Is there a package.json file in the C:\Users\hp\philosis directory? If so, what does it look like?

Am not sure,am just starting learning react native.Kindly assist me how to go about it. Thanks

Before you start learning React Native, you should have a good idea about React. If you don’t know what the package.json file is or what it looks like, you really should do a search on “What is package.json?” Also, before learning about React, you really should have JavaScript basics under your belt. I suggest starting with the Free Code Camp curriculum to help you learn JavaScript and the React library. We don’t have a comprehensive curriculum, but it definitely will get you started.

ok, thanks a lot .I will do the needful.

For extensive learning, go to academind.com.