Icant figure the h2 code its saying closing tag should be needed and i did that and it didnt pass test

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<h1>Hello World<h2>CatPhotoApp</

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Challenge: Headline with the h2 Element

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In the first lesson you were shown what an opening tag and a closing tag looked like. To review;
Opening tags look like this:<h1>
Closing tags look like this: </h1>
That is for an h1 element.

This lesson is asking you to create another element, the h2 element and tells you what should go between the opening and closing tags.
So you would start on a new line and add what?

hope this works
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Thanks man :heart_decoration:

your welcome bro just trying to help a fellow mate

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iam just 13 year old and trying to learn programming to develop games and create them or servers on mta and i have a low end pc 1gb ram no graphic card 32 bit