Icon not displaying in footer for some reason?

3/4 of my icons are displaying in the footer, but for some reason the Instagram one isn’t displaying. Anyone have any idea why this would happen?

code: https://codepen.io/daniel-albano/pen/gObQddz

Seems to be showing fine for me.

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For some reason it won’t display on my PC, but on other devices it will, weird. Is there a reason why this would happen?

Can you open your browser’s console (Ctrl+Shft+J) in Chrome, click on the Network tab, clock the clear button (to the right of the red button), and reload the page?

Hopefully, you will see something like below. Check for any status that is not 200 or 204 or 302. If any other status, please post a screenshot. Are you using a firewall? If so, it could be blocking certain sites.

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I tried refreshing and nothing, but the adblocker I use seemed to block the Instagram icon for some reason. Thank you for the suggestions!