Id and class difference

Hello everybody
please double grueling
what is the difference between id and class
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id is specific to that element
and class will identify multiple elements

example : id

<p id="para"> hello @anvarovnaparizoda ! </p>

now here i use id para, this id is will identify this p element.
like if i can use this it to style in css or in javascript for my purpose.

id is unique to that element means from our example our id para , i can not use this id to other element

example : class
class is used to group elements for style purpose in css

<p class="users"> hello @user1 </p>
<p class="users"> hello @user2 </p>
<p class="users"> hello @users3 </p>

and so on so i can use my class for grouping purpose

if you still don’t get then read this article you will definetly understand

for id => HTML - The id attribute

for class =>HTML Classes - The Class Attribute


thank you my friend
I understood from your answer.
I can use id in html only once.
I can rework the class
Did I get it right?

yes ! ,
you get it .
we can use id only once which is unique for that element,
we can use calss for grouping element for same purpose, like styling .

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