IDE vs. Codepen?

Is anyone using the webstorm IDE to write anything pertaining to this site? I trying to use it right now but it feels a bit much for some of the things on here. Is there anything anyone loves about codepen that makes it worthwhile to switch? Any features that should be said about it?

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Codepen is for simple stuff, the editor is bad, it doesn’t have auto-complete or format on save.

I personally use visual studio code to do all my projects and just copy-paste into codepen to get a quick url to insert into my project challenges.


It does. install Beautify and enable formatting on save.
And if you install the js/css/html plugins you also get auto-completion and docs.

Same goes for most modern editors.

Codepen is like a sketchpad: you can write tiny little bits of HTML/CSS/JS code and have immediate visual feedback. That’s what it’s for — it’s a place to host those tiny sketches. It’s not an IDE or a text editor.

The FCC projects that use CodePen are tiny things. Because they are so small in scope (some basic HTML,CSS & maybe some JS), it’s feasible to use CodePen. In reality, that’s not what you’d do, its just easier to do it that way for beginner projects here so that the results can be easily shared.


The same can be achieved by using an IDE with a live server installed.

IDE all the way! I’m using VSCode.

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Thank you Ghukahr. Guess I should have read this thread before asking in another.

I think this is what I will do.

doesnt vscode take up lots of space on the pc?


I have VS Code OSS (open source version) installed on my Linux machine. Here’s what the package manager states:

Here’s the VS Code requirements page, which shows a 200 MB requirement.

You may consider installing ‘Live Server’ plugin by Ritwick Dey, and ‘Bracket Pair Colorizer’ by CoenraadS.

There is also Atom, another free editor.

Mine is a basic pc, not much of that required memory to download them

What are your PC’s specs? Which operating system are you using?
If storage in your PC is a problem, you could install programs onto a USB/flash/pen drive if you have one. External storage is not as expensive as it once was, and it may be a solution for you to buy one. Even a 16 or 32-GB drive would allow you to install several packages.
How about Bluefish? It does have a browser preview, but not a live server.

Without knowing anything about your PC, all I can suggest is for you to try to install either VScode, Atom or Bluefish.
I would avoid subscribing to paid online services. They may seem like good options, but end up costing a whole lot more than others in the long-run.

mine is windows 10 with memory 300MB. I like your suggestion of using pen drive for downloading these code editors…! Thanks a ton