IDEA: FreeCodeCamp app


One day I was on the app store looking at different coding resources and I noticed that FreeCodeCamp (FCC) was not listed in my search. I was curious so I searched for FCC specifically and found no resources with that name. After thinking about it a while, I realized why there was not an app for the main site (since programing on a phone or tablet would seem very difficult), but it might be a good app for the forum and the news sections.

Just a thought,

FreeCodeCamp team has really just an handful of developers, most work is done by volunteers.
I don’t think it’s something we could see in the near future

They aren’t native apps, but both News and the forum are mobile optimized. You can create a link on your home screen that will take you directly to the site, making it pretty indistinguishable from a phone app.



That is what I thought, I also didn’t know some of of the finer details, like how much does it cost to put it on the app store, but I thought I would mention the idea and see where it went anyways


I thought the News and Forum would have been optimized. I also thought all that was needed was a basic template and an API to fetch the information would be the only things needed to create the app.

This is what I use to interact with the forum on my phone . Works fine and pretty much just as good as a native app.

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