If stament errors

I’m a beginner and I keep getting errors when writing IF statements!
I think I’m writing the code correctly!
I get the error:
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ‘{’
in the chrome console (see attached image)

console.log ("a")

markWeight = 78
johnWeight = 95
markHeight = 1.69
johnHeight = 1.95

let marksBmi
let johnsBmi

if (markWeight < markHeight) {
   } else {
     console.log ("b")

let mBmi = markWeight / markHeight **2
console.log (`mark bmi ${mBmi}`)
let jBmi = johnWeight / johnHeight **2
console.log (`john bmi ${jBmi}`)

let markIsFat

If (10>5) {
  markIsFat = "Mark is Fat"
  console.log = markIsFat;


Is this JavaScript?

I edited your post to put the screenshot outside the code block so it is rendered

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