IFRAME src update on 1th day of the month

I have an IFRAME that contains a url from a spreadsheet account.
Now this file changes to an other file every month. If got the links from the other files as well.

So I would like to cycle thru those urls on the first day of that month.

example for 1 January the src of the iframe should go to the link for the januari.xls
for 1 february the src of the iframe should go to the link for the february.xls

I’ll have 2 urls in advanced that I will have to manually update every two months.

And i’m a novice JS user, real novice…

Do you have any code example of what you have tried so far?
Best would be to run it on the server side since you can’t make sure people having the browser active 24/7.
Otherwise you could make an onload event that triggers once that check the current date and changes the src of the node based on which month it is. But then it has to check the month only, because if you don’t visit on the first it wouldn’t print the IFRAME you want.