Iframe stops reloading and shows the error


I have a few iframes which load the content from the same domain (by refreshing every minute). They normally work fine but when the tab with the page is hidden and after some time I click back to activate the tab with the page (which contains the iframes) I get the following error grey screen inside the iframes:

A network change was detected.

When I reload the page – the iframes resume the refreshing every minute.

I am using this line to refresh the pages inside the iframes:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="60"/>

I also tried this and still the error shows:

}, 5000);


I wonder how to force the iframes to refresh all the time?

I uploaded the screenshot

iFrames meh!
If the content is from the same domain why can’t you get that code to populate this page?
If your code is modular then this should be simple.
I would say the use case for iFrames is mainly for loading content from an external domain.

thank you - I need to display the other pages inside the iframes on a master dashboard - loading otherwise is impossible at the moment…any way I can always refresh the iframes?