iHateRegex.io - regex cheatsheet

I used to spend hours trying to craft the perfect expression for my scraping projects not realizing that I don’t really know regex.

This tool is a cheat sheet that also explains the commonly used expressions so that you understand it.


  • There is a visual representation of the regular expression (thanks to regexpr)

  • The application shows matching strings which you can play around

  • Expressions can be edited and these are instantly validated

Built using:

  1. nuxt.js
  2. tailwind css

github: https://github.com/geongeorge/i-hate-regex


@geongeorge Great job on your project!! I can see you put a lot of work into it. It has a nice clean design.
I find the problem with regex is reading the regex that someone else wrote. When I use it I try to go character by character. It does take quite a bit of trial and error but the more you use it the easier it gets.

I heard a joke similar to this a while ago:

There was a company that had a serious problem and one employee said “I know how we can fix it. We can use regex!”, and then they had two problems.

It was funny that I found this post while I hated regex while in another tab I was viewing your post in Freecodecamp.

Nice job, hope this help me. I find FCC course so bad explained and confusing