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I stuck in this subject(Use the Conditional (Ternary) Operator) because I do not know if I 've done wrong code .
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function checkEqual(a, b) {
var x= (a === b )? " Equal" : " Not Equal";
 return x;


var x1 = checkEqual(1, 2);

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Challenge: Use the Conditional (Ternary) Operator

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Be careful with these strings:

" Equal" : " Not Equal";

They should not start with a space.

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Works fine more me. looks good. generally though you want to use ternaries sparingly.

regular if statements are preferable because they are easier to read at a glance

if (a === b):
    var x = ' Equal'
    var x =  ' Not Equal'
return x

or better yet

if (a !== b):
   return ' Not Equal'
return ' Equal'

can be understood quicker at a glance than

var x = (a === b) ? " Equal" : " Not Equal";
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But it’s only more readable because you have the ternary in one line.
If you move it into a more readable format, ternarys are easy to understand.

  ? "Hello"
  : "Please log in"