I'm having problem loading images on my web page

i’m a coding newbe. i just started learning html, i’m having a hard time trying to load images on my web page.

to get help, you’ll need to show us your code. Please paste it in between three back-ticks on separate line above and below the code.

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zzar event pro zzar logo ///


just in case you need to post code in future, refer to the gif on how to do it.

ok thanks… so,should i re-post the codes?

zzar event pro zzar logo

sorry I still can’t see anything useful in your post. You need to use the three back-tick method illustrated in the gif to make your code show up here.

<!doctype  html>
<title>zzar event pro</title>
<img   src="zzar.jpg"   alt="zzar logo">

still can’t see anything. You need to use three back-ticks or use the button that looks like </> to make a code section.
a backtick is the character that looks like an apostrophe but is bent backwards. this one: ` not ’

You were using 3 single quotes instead of 3 backticks.

Remove the p tag above and below the html