I'm having trouble using CodePen

I’m currently trying to add a backgroun-image with an url but it’s not working, can somebody tell me why?, this is my code:

.fixed {
  background-image: url("https://i.ytimg.com/vi/m4T4mGBwo60/maxresdefault.jpg");
  background-size: cover;

Can you post your code pen name so we can take a look at how you are trying to use the fixed class. Also, can you be more specific about what is not working? Does it not show the image or shows it different than you expect?

the image is not showing, sorry for not being specific I’ll try to do a good post next time, here is my CodePen https://codepen.io/CeciPeque/pen/qwxxGq.

You have not put any content in the div with class=“fixed”. Put some content or give the “fixed”. It is only going to show as much background as the vertical space the content takes up.

oh! you where right, thakns very much! :slight_smile: