I'm new and I don't understand anything / Soy nuevo y no entiendo nada

Cheers! I can’t find a forum that explains how to use the FreeCodeCamp platform. And I don’t know how to do anything. I would greatly appreciate any help!

Saludos! No encuentro un foro que me explique como usar la plataforma FreeCodeCamp. Y no sé cómo hacer nada. Agradecería mucho cualquier ayuda!

What are you trying to do that you haven’t been able to do?

Hi! Thank to answer me :raised_hands: I started with the CatPhotoApp, the first proyect, and i didn´t understan when explain to me the use for “

” to create a pharagraph. I must to read a forum that show how it´s used. So i thought may be i need to know how i can read or see something after start to work in the proyect. And how i must to use the plataform in general. Thanks again!

The forum is for asking questions about concepts you didn’t understand or to ask for help with your code.

The curriculum is supposed to be clear but because it is teaching a new skill it will be hard.

So there is no additional resource you must read first (unless you choose to look things up independently online).

Just try the step 1 again and if you try a few times and you are still stuck, then click on the ask for help button that will appear.

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Ok, perfect! I must be stronger. Thanks a lot!!! Today it´s my first day, maybe i need to go slowly. Nice to meet you!!!

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