I'm no history buff, but

There’s no way this is an accurate quote.

That is all…

Why do you say that isn’t an accurate quote? My initial searches online seem to indicate it’s a transition of something da Vinci actually said.

There are plenty of inaccurate quotes circulated online. Show me a primary source, and I’ll say I’m wrong. Until then, I’m really, really skeptical.

To answer your question though, the way the quote is worded sounds like verbiage from the past 6 years, not from 600 years ago.

Hmm, perhaps some actual research is in order to determine what the truth is for this quote?

It would be the first quote of many that need to be researched. That said, I’m quite sure in 100 years it will be common knowledge that Benjamin Franklin coined the term “YOLO” : )

Sure, that’s catchy to say, but it’s really hard to make some sort of fix of our quotes database if you don’t actually do the legwork to find out what’s actually true. Saying ‘this feels wrong’ just shoves the work off on somebody else, which usually results in a fix taking longer

In this case, it looks like this may be a case of a common misattribution:

Well, that’s Brandolini’s Law in action, for ya…

Sure, but hopefully it’s clear to you why it’s easier to take action on ‘here is the true source’ instead of ‘this feels wrong’.

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I do, as long as we can all agree that a dose of skepticism is healthy on the Internet ; )

Right, so that skepticism also applies to someone saying ‘this feels wrong’ without sources :upside_down_face:

Scepticism is good! But doing the research to either validate or alleviate it is better. :3


Touchè. I agree. I still stand by my original claim, though.

In this case, there exists proof that the quote is actually from another person’s book.

That’s interesting. Whose book is it?

The source is given in the link I gave above

We should only get quotes from pop culture, like from videogames and such. Imagine logging in in the morning, half asleep and reading:


Like who cares what Steven Armstrong actually said.

those are for the sentences you get finishing the challenges

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Oh you’re right, I somehow never noticed :sweat_smile: I usually just Ctrl + Enter.