I'm struggling on what to do and how to say hello world with html elements

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Challenge: Say Hello to HTML Elements

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Welcome to FFC, @shezimvelo!

Let us read the example


The challenge is asking you to write Hello World!. The example was, Hello, but you need use the phrase, Hello World!

You need to put it inside of the <h1> element and close it as the example.

The problem was: You misplaced world as the closing tag on the Hello example. Don’t change anything on the example located on the top, please.

Also, I just realized that you misspelled the closing tag of <h1> on your exercise. It should be </h1> , no </hh1> .

@shezimvelo, if this solved your problem, please let know so other asking the same question check the solution here.

Otherwise, let us know where also you struggle, and we will work together to help on our best means.

Thank you.