Im struggling with hexcodes please hepl

I am struggling with these hexcode please someone help.
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red-text {
  color: #FF0000;
orange-text {
  color: #FFA500;
dodger-blue-text {
  color: #1E90FF;
green-text {
  color: #00FF00;

<h1 class="#FF0000">I am red!</h1>

<h1 class="#00FF00">I am green!</h1>

<h1 class="#1E90FF">I am dodger blue!</h1>

<h1 class="orange-text">I am orange!</h1>
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Challenge: Use Hex Code to Mix Colors

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You have two issues.

For each of your class definitions like this:

red-text {
  color: #FF0000;

You removed the period (.) before “red-text”. Without that, it thinks you are trying to target an HTML element. The period tells it that it is a class. You need to fix that in 4 places.

Then in applying the class:

<h1 class="#FF0000">I am red!</h1>

You didn’t need to change this line. The name of the class should be what it was originally, “red-text”. You need to fix that in 4 places.

When I fix all that, your code passes for me.

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