Im stuck in lesson 12

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    <h2>Cat Photos</h2>
    <!-- TODO: Add link to cat photos -->
    <p>cat photos<a href="https://cat photos.">cat photos</a>
    <img src="" alt="A cute orange cat lying on its back.">
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Challenge: Step 12

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Good morning Gbolahan1,

Your code needs the original sentence for the ‘p’ tag.
The manner in which you have placed your ‘a’ tag is correct. Awesome sauce.
If you notice that your original sentence also has the words “cat photos” will
be the link highlighted in blue. So, you do not need those two words from the ‘p’ tag sentence.

However, you do need to find the correct href link address because I do not have the one you have in your forum information. Also, there will never be a space in a websites address…“https://cat photos.” is not a legit functional site.

I hope this helps you. Sleep well.

So be careful to follow the instructions. Lets work through it:
Firstly, from the previous challenge you should have an anchor element and a p element. Right now, from the previous challenge, they are seperate items on the page, BUT how cool would it be if the two were together and you could simply read the paragraph, and inside that paragraph was a clickable link? That’s what we trying to execute here. SO you need to reset the code, and copy the anchor from the previous challenge and paste it into the paragraph above so it reads clearly and ONLY links the words ‘cat photos’ (NB exclude the full stop, place the full stop after the anchor and before the closing p tag
Goodluck :slight_smile:

My my my, Sir Anthony.

That was very well put!

Sir!!! Thank you so much! I was stuck on this step for about 3hrs trying everything I could… You’re an angel!

If you have a question about a specific challenge as it relates to your written code for that challenge, just click the Ask for Help button located on the challenge. It will create a new topic with all code you have written and include a link to the challenge also. You will still be able to ask any questions in the post before submitting it to the forum.

Thank you.

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