Im stuk on this :P

Tell us what’s happening: well i dont uderstand the my name

Your code so far var mynamr ;

var myname

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Challenge: Declare JavaScript Variables

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i have try to do this var myname = “bob”;

What errors are you getting? Is it just not passing the test? Remember that variables are case-sensitive, so myname and myName are different. Also, that line should end with a semicolon.

this is what im geting
// running tests You should declare


with the


keyword, ending with a semicolon // tests completed

Ok, it looks like the problem is you’re saying myname (lowercase “n”) instead of myName (uppercase “N”). The tester is looking to see if myName exists but instead it only finds myname so the test fails. If you change myname to myName, it should work. This is important, because in programming languages variable names tend to be case-sensitive, meaning that capitalization of letters matters.

Also, don’t forget to end the line with a semicolon!

omg thx i fell soo dum xd but one more thing if i need help agen how can i contact you ??

No worries! I get notifications if you respond to my comments, but there are lots of people on this forum who can help you (and not everyone is logged in all the time!). If you run into a new problem you can’t solve, I recommend posting it as a new question.


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