I'm trying to add a click event to a div using Js to enable scrolling but it only works once

//'link-nav' is the Id of the div
const link = document.getElementById('link-nav');
//When clicked, the page scrolls by 100%
link.addEventListener('click', () => { window.scrollBy(0, screen.height);})

This only works once, after which the click event doesn't have any effect until I refresh the page. Please how can I correct this

Ps: The div position is fixed at the bottom of the screen

I tried this on JSFiddle and it works perfectly fine. Try it out here:

Thanks man. The thing is the div is fixed at the bottom at the screen and helps the user navigate to the next section of the page but it only works once

The position of the div shouldn’t effect the eventlistener. I don’t know why it only runs it once. Your code looks valid to me.