Image abstraction layer- Doesn’t work on heroku

Hey all,

I’m so close to finishing the project but I can’t for the life of me figure out why it doesn’t work on heroku. It works fine locally on my home computer.


heroku log

Please help?

Well it looks like there is a bug in your code in app.js at line 53 according to the logs you took a screenshot of so I would see if there’s anything you could do to resolve that issue.

Also in the past I’ve sometimes have gotten things messed when pushing to heroku if I’m not connected to my production database correctly so I would double check if your production database is connecting in heroku rather than your development database if you are using a database for the app.

One more thing, when I first started using heroku I would run into trouble when heroku would start my server file correctly so now I always include a Procfile in my app’s source code. See here for my details

Looks like the endpoints are working on your live site, well done