Image geolocation app [JavaScript, EXIF.JS, materialize]

Hi All,
I need your feedback on the app I have made as a recruitment task. Did my best here, still failed. The feedback was that the points I need to improve are:
“code formatting and its readability, learn more about how to keep the code clean”.

If anybody of you more, experienced javascript devs could have a look into this and point me to examples of where I could improve those aspects of my code it would help me a ton to improve.

Github repo:

Live preview:

I used the javaScript modular pattern quite heavily and maybe this has added to the code being messy. However, I tried to keep quiet understandable structure dividing the whole app in the modules depending on their function i.e handling the leaf.js library, validation, UI, etc.

Any critique will be precious to me. Hold no punches :).
Kind regards

I’m a C dev, but one thing I noticed right off the bat is

//###3. ImageGeolocationHandler
    //-module handling EXIF api returning longitude and latitude information.
            //-_toDecimal - helper with changing array returned by EXIF.js api into decimal value - private function
            //-returnLongLat - returning longitude and latitude from api in object format.
                //-operations need to be done in callback function due to async nature of EXIF api.

A header like this is good, but I think you need to use a linter.

Your indentation in code and comments is inconsistent, which makes your code harder to read.

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To be honest I have not used linters, will focus on that and more consistant coments and indentations.
Thank you for the advice :).

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